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November 15, 2009   Malcolm Reid            wma                mp3

Hebrews 10: 11-25


Mark 13: 1-8


November 8, 2009     Brian Barry               wma                mp3

Mark 12: 38-44


The Catholic Religion: A Manual of Instruction for Members of the Anglican Communion by Vernon Staley (Chapter: The Sacraments, page 251)

(1). When we speak of the Holy Eucharist as a sacrifice, we do not understand any repetition of the Sacrifice of the cross, or any renewal of Christ's sufferings or death. His sufferings and His death took place once for all, and can never be repeated. Neither are we to suppose that anything is wanting in His sufferings or Sacrifice, which the Eucharistic Sacrifice supplies. But we mean that in the Holy Eucharist we plead before God the One Sacrifice offered once upon the cross, even as Christ Himself presents the same Offering in Heaven.


November 1, 2009     Jürgen Liias               wma    mp3

Membership in the Church Community, Part 2

1. Baptisim

2. Confirmation

3. Membership in the Local Church

4. Give Financially


Three Principles of Christian Giving

1. God’s Providence – Seek first God’s Kingdom

2. “God Loves a Cheerful Giver”

3. Pay God First


October 25, 2009       Jürgen Liias               mp3

Membership in the Church Community, Part 1


Permeating Core Values: Prayer and Relationship

Programmatic Core Values: Worship, Growth, Care, and Welcome and Mission


Prayer is the test of everything; prayer is also the source of everything; prayer is the driving force of everything, prayer is also the director of everything. If prayer is right, everything is right. For prayer will not allow anything to go wrong. – St. Theophan the Recluse


The Acts of the Apostles 2: 42

42They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.


The Parish Paper of St. John’s Church, Savannah, Georgia (link to Vol.39 No.7)


October 18, 2009       Malcolm Reid            wma                mp3

Mark 10: 35-45


October 11, 2009       Brian Barry               wma                mp3

Mark 10: 17-27


October 4, 2009         Jürgen Liias               wma                mp3

Celebrating St. Francis of Assisi



G.K. Chesterton St. Francis of Assisi (1957 edition, page 15, Chapter I “The Problem of S. Francis”)

A man will not roll in the snow for a stream of tendency by which all things fulfil the law of their being. He will not go without food in the name of something, not ourselves, that makes for righteousness. He will do things like this, or pretty nearly like this, under quite a different impulse. He will do these things when he is in love.


(page 96-97, Chapter VI “The Little Poor Man”)

He honoured all men; that is, he not only loved but respected them all. What gave him his extraordinary personal power was this; that from the Pope to the beggar, from the sultan of Syria in his pavilion to the ragged robbers crawling out of the wood, there was never a man who looked into those brown burning eyes without being certain that Francis Bernardone was really interested in him; in his own inner individual life from the cradle to the grave; that he himself was being valued and taken seriously, and not merely added to the spoils of some social policy or the names in some clerical document. ...  We may say if we like that St. Francis, in the bare and barren simplicity of his life, had clung to one rag of luxury; the manners of a court. But whereas in a court there is one king and a hundred courtiers, in this story there was one courtier, moving among a hundred kings. For he treated the whole mob of men as a mob of kings.



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